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Metallic, hybrid, dielectric: the standard line of LINOS products includes a large selection of mirrors for a variety of applications. Both broadband and highly reflective mirrors for the most common discrete wavelengths are available directly from the factory. Many of the dielectric mirrors can also be used as dichroitic beam splitters. We can prepare a quote for a tailored solution, whether for large or small quantities, upon request. Just contact us!

Our Quality Criteria:

  • High-quality materials
  • Continuous process monitoring
  • Coatings for stringent demands in science and industry
  • Laser-suitable coatings
  • Expert consultation, from the development phase to the finished product

To facilitate the development process we look forward to create preliminary designs, free of charge, based on your specifications. We can also supply catalog items with customized dimensions upon request.

Ideal Areas:

Laser and high-performance optics; precision optics; illumination optics; beam splitting or superimposing.