Micro Imaging

Micro Imaging

Micro Imaging

For imaging of small objects most often traditional microscopes are being used. For integration into inspection systems and other machines these microscopes are often too complex and many features are integrated that are needed for machine integration. Qioptiq offers highly modular solutions for micro imaging that can be tailored to fit most applications without the bulk of a complete microscope.

This modularity is taken to the extreme with the Optem Fusion system that builds on the heritage of the Zoom 125 and Zoom 70XL families. With a multitude of configurations from fixed magnification to motorized 12.5:1 zoom including illumination and motorized focus this system is the right choice for demanding applications that require high imaging performance and ultimate flexibility.

With the mag.x system 125 Qioptiq offers an unparalleled optical system that is specifically designed to be used with modern imaging sensors of up to 57mm diagonal. mag.x system 125 offers high resolution already at low magnifications and supports object fields that are not possible with any other microscope optics.

MachVis Software

LINOS MachVis software is designed to help you find the right lens for your machine vision application.

Starting with 4 simple parameters object size, working distance, sensor size, camera mount MachVis calculates the necessary optical parameters and then, from the extensive LINOS lens catalogue, selects all suitable lenses including matching accessories that meet the specifications.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • Excellent image quality over the entire image field
  • Low distortion
  • Rugged quality for use in industry

Thanks to a wide range of adapters, Qioptiq Micro Inspection solutions can be connected to most cameras on the market. Customer-specific interfaces can be integrated as well.

Ideal Areas:

Micro measurement, biomedical applications, fluorescence microscopy, wafer inspection, display inspection, PCB inspection, semiconductor packaging inspection