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LINOS Faraday Isolators

LINOS Faraday Isolators

LINOS Faraday Isolators

We offer LINOS Faraday isolators for all wavelengths in the range 400 to 1310 nm, as well as 1550 nm. Isolators for other wavelengths can be implemented on request. Many isolators can be adjusted over a wide spectral range; tunable models can even be set for an interval of several hundred nanometers. At the same time, LINOS Faraday isolators are distinguished by high performance combined with the greatest possible transmission. With more than 60 dB, our two-stage isolators offer the best isolation available on the market.

The consistently high quality is assured by a combination of our many years of experience, intelligent design, modern engineering with computer simulations, sophisticated processing. The result is incomparable value that distinguishes all our products – value you can count on!

Our Quality Criteria:

  • Isolation > 30 dB (one-stage) or > 60 dB (two-stage)
  • Transmission > 90 % (one-stage) or > 80 % (two-stage)
  • All models can be used over wide wavelength ranges

Our isolators are available in many different versions for a large range of wavelengths.

Ideal Areas:

Protecting lasers from damage or instability; Decoupling oscillators and amplification systems; Injection locking panels, and more.