LINOS Achromats & Lens Systems

LINOS Achromats & Lens Systems

LINOS Achromats & Lens Systems

Mounted or unmounted, coated or uncoated, with positive or negative focal lengths, LINOS achromatic lenses can fulfill every one of your optical requirements and exemplify our continued expertise in manufacturing complex optics.

LINOS achromatic lenses ensure consistently high imaging quality with resolutions that approach the theoretical diffraction limit. Laser centering and continuous, strict quality control guarantee the highest standards for surface form and alignment of the curvature center in every single achromatic lens that leaves our factory. Compare for yourself!

Our Quality Criteria:

  • High-quality materials from established manufacturers (Schott & Ohara)
  • Extremely narrow focal length tolerances
  • Minimal chromatic length aberration
  • Minimal spherical aberration
  • Minimal wavefront distortion (between λ /4 and λ /10)
  • Compatible with LINOS and other bench systems

All relevant structural data (radii, center thicknesses, materials) can be found in our WinLens optics software package. Broadband anti- reflective coatings and customer- specific coatings are available.

Ideal Areas:

Beam focusing; imaging systems; fiber collimation.