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Optical Rail Systems

Optical Rail Systems

Optical Rail Systems

LINOS flat rail systems can be used as a low-profile micro-optical bench and beam steering system. The bearing surfaces on the low-warpage aluminum alloy are precision-milled and treated with abrasion-resistant black anodizing, making these rail systems an ideal basis for linear and areal structures. We offer three sizes, all compatible with the LINOS construction systems, to cover every application: The Flat Rail System FLS 40 is compatible with the LINOS Microbench and the FLS 95 with the LINOS mounts, posts and holders.

In addition to these flat rails, LINOS manufactures the X95 profile system especially for three-dimensional structures.

All LINOS rails have slotted holes for fastening them to optical tables with M6 or ¼" bore hole patterns. The sophisticated design, consisting of a precise rail and compatible carriers with spring-loaded clamping, ensures an extremely precise positioning of components in the structure.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • Precise bearing surfaces
  • Excellent straightness; low torsion
  • Stable design
  • Mounting independent of existing hole patterns

Carriers with springs enable high-precision repositioning of components on the rail.

Ideal Areas:

Flat optical benches in research and education; beam-steering systems; flexible assembly of components within instruments.