LINOS Nanobench - 16 mm Cage System

LINOS Nanobench - 16 mm Cage System

LINOS Nanobench - 16 mm Cage System

Like the Microbench, you can get this original from Qioptiq!

The Nanobench is a precise, extremely compact construction system for beam diameters of up to ½". Narrow production tolerances ensure that the optical axis is maintained and all components are mutually compatible.

With its large selection of optical elements, plus the option of integrating fiber couplers, the Nanobench has become one of the most popular construction systems in microoptics. You, too, can open up new applications with the Nanobench, and discover the highest precision with compact dimensions!

Our Quality Criteria:

  • German manufacturing expertise using only high-quality materials
  • Hard, scratch-resistant precision anodizing
  • Extremely narrow production tolerances

Qioptiq offers a broad assortment of mounted optics for the Nanobench. Just look for the n symbol in the tables of optics.

Ideal Areas:

Fiber optics, microoptics, compact construction systems for applications with restrictive space requirements.