LINOS Tube System C

LINOS Tube System C

LINOS Tube System C

In addition to the open Microbench system, Qioptiq also offers a closed, modular Tube Mounting System.

The Tube Mounting System C is a component construction system for fast and trouble-free set-up of laboratory instruments, prototypes and small batch series. Tubes are available in diameters of 30 mm and 35 mm. Threaded sockets and threaded rings enable connection of a wide range of optics, with diameters from 6 mm to 31.5 mm. With the Tube Mounting System C, you can create your own lens and expander systems.

Adapter rings are available for compatibility with the connecting threads on C-mounts, microscopes and CCD cameras. The C30 Tubes feature C-mount connection threads and are particularly well suited for setting up individual CCD camera lenses.

Fine adjustments and focusing mounts are available to enable minimal length adjustments for high-precision focusing. The Tube Mounting System and our Microbench are excellent in combination; for example, to create a light-tight and dust-tight beam path.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • German manufacturing expertise using only high-quality materials
  • Hard, scratch-resistant precision anodizing
  • Extremely narrow production tolerances

Mount system for Qioptiq optics with diameters of up to 31.5 mm, for easy assembly of existing lenses and fast setup of prototypes. Continuous system expansion by adding new components.

Ideal Areas:

Light-tight and dust-tight beam paths; rapid setup of existing lenses; prototypes; small batch series.