Mounts & Holders

Mounts & Holders

Mounts & Holders

LINOS has everything you need for your optical assemblies. Our comprehensive range of mounts, posts and holders, all mutually compatible, includes an exceptionally broad range of object holders for rectangular or cylindrical construction elements, as well as optic holders for mounted and unmounted optics or prisms.

To mount optic holders on optical tables, we recommend LINOS support rods and columns. Thanks to our large selection of base plates, clamps and magnetic feet, you can implement just about any mounting solution you want. From the clamping fork with the Easy Lift system to support rods in both metric and imperial units and compatible connection clamps, LINOS offers a complete assortment for working with optical tables.

In addition, columns 25 and 38 are extremely sturdy mounting accessories that are ideal for heavy construction elements.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • Stable design
  • High-quality surface finishing

A fitting gives you the option of lifting and moving the clamping fork hanging on the mount. This makes it possible to mount the clamping fork even in narrow positions in your structure or on optical tables.

Ideal Areas:

Structures on optical tables; flexible positioning and height adjustment.