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LINOS Kinematic Mirror Mounts

LINOS Kinematic Mirror Mounts

LINOS Kinematic Mirror Mounts

Mirror mounts are an essential element in optical assemblies. The variety of mounts available from LINOS meets a broad range of requirements in science and industry.

Lees mirror mounts, the premium class mounts from LINOS, have a unique design that guarantees the highest possible precision. Their excellent quality is further ensured by features such as fine adjustment screws that are specially ground for mutual fit with the least possible backlash, counter surfaces of sapphire and the special Krytox lubricant.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • High-quality adjustment screws with virtually no backlash
  • Stable design
  • Precise positioning
  • Upgradeable

LINOS offers a comprehensive selection of mirrors that fit these mounts, from metallic mirrors to dielectric multi-coated mirrors.

Ideal Areas:

Position adjustment for mirrors of 0.5" to 3" in diameter; experimental setups using optical tables; installation in instruments.