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Diode Laser

"A laser is a solution seeking a problem" (Theodore Maiman)

The world's first working laser was invented by U.S. physicist Theodore Maiman in 1960. Today, there are countless applications that simply could not exist without laser technology. LINOS helps to make it all possible, with a broad spectrum of laser types for wavelengths ranging from 375 nm to 1064 nm, and output levels of up to 800 mW.

Not only monochromatic laser but classic broadband light sources, too, are often essential. For image reproduction with CDD cameras or with viewing devices such as microscopes, LINOS offers halogen and xenon cold light sources — and now, LED light sources as well. Small lamp houses for halogen lamps, directional and spectral lamps, all compatible with LINOS mounts, posts and holders, are particularly well suited for laboratory setups.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • High-quality engineering
  • RoHS and CE-compliant
  • Laser manufactured in 100 % cleanroom atmosphere
  • Laser modules sealed in protective atmosphere
  • Long service life

All laser systems can be integrated in LINOS systems directly or with adapters. Fiber-coupled laser systems are standard equipment; customer- specific modifications of the beam parameters can be done on request.

Ideal Areas:

Metrology; spectroscopy; medical technology; bioanalysis; fluorescence excitation; materials testing and processing; sensor technology; telecommunications, confocal microscopy.