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Question & Answers about the Product Portfolio

  1.  Do you provide files for your optics for simulation?

    All lenses and prisms are available in our optical simulation software Winlens 3D that is available in a free version, too.

  2. How do I apply adhesives?

    A guide guideline for gluing optical components can be found in the Microbench Brochure (page 20)

  3. I have a special request for a product that I can not find on your website. Can you help me?

    Of course we offer customized solutions and are able to develop a new product in close consultation with you. Just contact us.



Questions & Answers about the LINOS Microbench

  1. Why do you use the strange M2.3 screws?

    M2.3 used to be a standard thread when Microbench was invented. In the meantime, the M2.3 thread disappeared as standard. However, the design could not be changed in order to stay compatible and to avoid different screws for different plates. The screws can be provided by LINOS.


  2. How to mount optics in the microbench?

    We offer mounted optics to fit into the microbench directly, e.g.Mounted Plano-Convex Lenses . The mounts are also available seperately (Lens mounts for diameter 3 mm - 31.5 mm).

  3. How do I position the optics? And what about the adjustment?

    Take a look in our Microbench brochure (page 17).

  4. Can I use optics with 1“ diameter?

    There is a mount for 1“ opitcs (G063663000), the outer diameter of the mount is 30 mm and fits into the microbench.

  5. How can I fix a prism to the positioner?

    The prism can be glued. It should be a glue which keeps a bit of elasticity in order to avoid stress in the glass.

  6. The Microbench is not flexible enough. I need to change my setup continuously?

    Microbench is designed for maximum stability. Realize your experiment with Microbench and you save a lot of adjustment time. LINOS offers parts for later implementation and will continuously add new parts. For more flexibility: Microbench is also 100% compatible to FLS40.

    For an even more flexibility we offer various mounting plates that are latchable or magnetic and allow a belated installation of optics:
    Magnetic Cage Assembly Swapper Plate

  7. How Do I Adjust Optics along the X and Y Axis?

    An overview about out adjusment units can be found in the Microbench Brochure (page 22).


  8. What Options Are Available for Rotation of Optics?

    Take a look at our Microbench brochure (page 23).


  9. Are the Microbench and 30 mm optical cage systems from other manufacteres compatible?

    They are compatible. However, since others has not the tight manufacturing tolerances, we can not guarantuee that the two systems fit. LINOS guarantuees that each Microbench part fits to each other.