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Glass Manager Features

Glass Manager Features

Zoomable plots showing all glasses or user defined selection

  • n-V diagram (n, 1/n, V, 1/V or dn – axis definition options)
  • P-V diagrams (relative partial dispersions)
  • n-density diagram

Spreadsheet showing properties of all selected glasses

Zoomable graphs showing properties of individual glasses

  • refractive index v wavelength – dispersion graph
  • refractive index (1st derivative) v wavelength
  • refractive index (2nd derivative) v wavelength
  • internal transmission v wavelength (user selected block width)
  • total transmission v wavelength (user selected block width)

Tables of glass data for individual glasses

  • refractive indices
  • dispersion constants
  • relative partial dispersions
  • transmission coefficients
  • chemical constants
  • mechanical constants
  • thermal constants

Custom colouring scheme for the plots

  • by type
  • by manufacturer
  • by property (user can select property, colour range etc.)

Use standard wavelengths or user defined wavebands
selected from large set of predefined high accuracy values for spectral/laser sources or make free choice

Powerful & flexible search & sort facilities

Comparison table for two user selected glasses, e.g. an old glass and its ECO equivalent

Doublet-maker: determination of suitable glass pairs, e. g. for achromats, simulation of pseudo glasses

Melt analysis tool: predicts melt indices over waveband given catalog data and melt data at two wavelengths

Data sheet printout of one or more glasses

Custom plot

  • user defined axes (select from wide range of properties)
  • high resolution, custom printout – uses full printer size

History Logs (lists of most recent glass choices, search patterns, custom plot axis, & colour coding). Simply click for very rapid changes in display and comparison