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Fiber Illumination System

Qioptiq provides a wide variety of laser types, in wavelength ranges from 375 nm to 785 nm and output powers of up to 450 mW. We also offer the classic broadband light sources in addition to monochromatic laser light sources. Moreover, Qioptiq has halogen and xenon fiber light sources and LED light sources for reproduction with a CCD camera or observation unit. Our small halogen lamp housings, directional lamps and spectral lamps – compatible with all our assembly components – are especially well suited for laboratory setups.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • High-quality German engineering
  • RoHS and CE-compliant
  • Laser manufactured in 100 % cleanroom atmospher
  • Laser modules sealed in protective atmosphere
  • Long service life

We have a broad range of accessories such as light guides, focusing methods and filters for all cold light sources. Condensers, fans and power supplies complete the line of lamp housing products.

Ideal Areas:

Microscopy; endoscopy; quality assurance; inspection systems; image processing; life sciences; biology.