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Free Winlens Webinar

Free Winlens Webinar



Winlens Webinar

Learn all about the basics of WinLens and how to operate this easy to learn software. The basic webinar covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
    WinLens3D Basic: capabilities and limits
    WinLens3D: ways to use for optical analysis and design
  • Setup systems
    Qioptiq components
    custom components

  • File import/export & v rapid review – in third party designs
    Book marks
    Key parameters
    conjugate, aperture & field parameters
  • Optical Glasses
    default glasses
    glass parameters
    search tools
    interactive glass map
  • Zoom systems
    zoom manager
    multi waveband systems
    true zooms with variable separations between components
  • Tilt and decenters
    apply to individual surfaces, components and groups of components
    where to apply your values
    options – tilt/decenter order
    handling mirrors properly
  • Tips and Tricks for best use of graphs & tables
    options & summary buttons
    right click menu
    zoom assignment
    multiple copies
  • Sliders
    quick adjustments over a range of values
    how to use them
  • Pickups
    what is a pickup
    how to link individual surfaces & spaces
    whole components