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Welcome to the Q-Shop, the Qioptiq Online-Shop for high end optical devices. Buy more than 3000 items online such as premium optomechanics, precision optics and lightsources & lasers „Engineered in Germany“!

The strong brands LINOS, Rodenstock Precision Optics, Spindler & Hoyer, Gsänger Optoelectronic, Optem and Point Source are the basis of Qioptiq. These brands stand for more than 110 years of experience and highest quality in precision optical manufacturing. Today Qioptiq is a world leader in innovative photonic solutions for a broad range of applications.

The new Qioptiq Q-shop offers a broad online selection of standard products in superior quality. Buy online precision optics, mounted and unmounted singlets, LINOS Faraday isolators and Pockels Cells, superior products for Machine Vision solutions, premium optomechanics, lightsources, lasers and measurement devices . Furthermore, we offer a software package for optic design, qualified for professionals and beginners including the Qioptiq precision optics products. Therein, optical designs can be directly turned into a purchase order to sales.qioptiq@excelitas.com.

You can count on premium quality of the complete product range, innovative new products and quick delivery. Qioptiq is your key to photonics for innovation!