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Q-Sets (Application Kits)

Q-Sets (Application Kits)

Q-Sets (Application Kits)

A Q-Set is an assembly of components from the LINOS catalog for specific lab applications. Your benefit: Save time since we select the required components from the catalog portfolio for your optical or optomechanical system for you. Easy assebmling is guaranteed!

Each Q-Set is tested thoroughly. By that we assure the high reliability of Qiptiq components also for this product line.

To meet preferably all requirements and to address a broad spectrum of applicants a Q-Set is usually designed for a broad wavelength range. By using components from the LINOS catalog the Q-Sets unify highest precision with a broad area of applications in combination with a flexible handling. The Q-Set components can be used both as kit and individually and allow an easy integration into Microbench setups directly.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • Reliable: performance tested in the lab
  • Compatible: can be combined with established LINOS catalog components, especially with Microbench systems
  • Fast: complete assembly kit for standard lab applications
  • Beneficial: inexpensive due to set-price

Ideal Areas:

Standard lab applications

Design facilitates application over a broad wavelength range