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mag.x system 125

High resolution imaging with wide field of view

The mag.x system 125 represents a new class of optical systems that enable microscope-like resolution with wide fields-of-view supporting modern high resolution sensors up to 57 mm diameter. The variable system is fully modular and ideally suited for submicron-imaging in inspection and measurement applications.

The modular approach enables adaptation of the system to many applications ranging from a straight forward optical system without illumination to a full featured system including coaxial illumination and closed-loop autofocus.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • Precision engineering with innovative optical design
  • Exact telecentricity on object and image side
  • Diffraction limited optical performance over complete image circle
  • Precise and dynamic AF

With the optional DIC module (differential interference contrast) even the most challenging inspection tasks can be solved. It allows the inspection of transparent samples and objects with features, that are more or less invisible with usual illumination techniques.

Ideal Areas:

Inspection and processing of semiconductor, flat-panel display (TFT & OLED) and printed circuit boards (PCB), micro measurement & metrology, MEMS & nanotechnology, fluorescence microscopy, digital pathology and many more.