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LINOS Laser Modulators & Pockels Cells

LINOS Laser Modulators & Pockels Cells

LINOS Laser Modulators & Pockels Cells

Electro-optical modulators are divided into modulators (for applications outside of the laser cavity) and Pockels cells (for applications within the laser cavity).

You can choose from a large selection of crystals for a variety of applications, apertures and laser outputs, covering the entire wavelength range from 250 nm to 3 μm. The consistently high Qioptiq quality and incomparable value of our products is assured by a combination of our many years of experience, an intelligent design, modern engineering with computer simulations and sophisticated processing.

In addition we offer fast and high-performance high-voltage drivers. For details, please contact our staff from the customer service.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • Best possible extinction ratio for each crystal
  • High transmission
  • Patented isolation system minimizes piezoelectric oscillation for exceptionally precise switching operations (optional)

On request we can modify any product for wavelengths in the 250 nm to 3 μm range.

Ideal Areas:

Phase and intensity modulation; Q-switching; pulse picking; regenerative amplifiers.