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Winlens Optical Design Software

Winlens Optical Design Software

Winlens Optical Design Software

LINOS offers a software package for optic design, qualified for professionals and beginners. Ideal as well as educational tool for training in technical optics.

WinLens is a powerful and easy-to-use simulation program for optical imaging systems. The base programms are available free of charge. LINOS has been developing and marketing WinLens for 25 years now. The designers at LINOS have many years of experience in the simulation, analysis, optimization and tolerancing of optical systems, and this expertise is reflected in the continuous development of the software.

Our Quality Criteria:

  • Many years of experience in optical design
  • User-friendly design programs
  • Continuous software development

Databases of LINOS singlets and LINOS achromatic lenses are integrated in WinLens.

Ideal Areas:

Simulation, analysis and optimization of optical systems.