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16.10.2018 - Newsletter




Newsletter - Introducing New Qioptiq Products

  • NEW! High power, passively cooled LED cold light source, made in Germany
  • Volume dispersion plates (opaque diffuser)
  • WinLens-Webinar on October 23, 2018
    New date for our complimentary WinLens Webinar
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Newsletter October 2018

12.06.2018 - Winlens 3D Update






The latest update for the Qioptiq OPTICAL DESIGN SOFTWARE is now available. Both versions, WINLENS3D and the FREE WINLENS3D BASIC have been updated as follows:

  • Significantly improved graph and lens drawing printouts – especially for zoom systems
  • New “EFL SOLVE” automatically changes final curvature to keep a chosen system focal length.
  • Latest glass data
  • Bug corrections

    Update Winlens3D 1.2.10
    Update Winlens3D Basic 1.2.10

    About WINLENS
    Qioptiq provides software for lens design, which is suitable for both professionals and beginners.
    WinLens 3D is a powerful and easy-to-use simulation program for optical imaging systems. The BASIC version is available free of charge. Qioptiq has been developing and marketing WinLens for 25 years. The designers at Qioptiq have many years of experience in the simulation, analysis, optimization and tolerancing of optical systems, and this expertise is reflected in the on-going development of the software.

    19.03.2018 - New Microbench Brochure



    New Microbench Brochure – Now available

    The LINOS Microbench™ system has been providing optical solutions for over 50 years. On this occasion, we are particularly pleased to present you a new edition of our Application brochure for LINOS bench systems.

    Our primary focus is to provide you with a clear overview of the various systems as well as their compatibility with one another. Numerous photographs illustrate the variety of applications and setups, providing useful solutions for your applications.

    Furthermore, this edition also contains our latest product offerings. For the first time we introduce our series of Q-Sets, compact optical subsystems built from standard catalog components. In addition, the brochure highlights the inter-compatibility of the LINOS Microbench™ with Qioptiq light sources and laser systems as well as Excelitas detectors.

    Last but not least, you will find an application example in which the Microbench™ system enabled the rapid development of a complex optical measurement device - a flow cytometer prototype.

    Download new Microbench Brochure here

    16.03.2018 - Winlens Webinar






    Register now for our free WinLens Webinar!

    For many years WinLens has been used as a powerful simulation program for optical imaging systems. It is ideal as educational tool for training in technical optics as well as a qualified tool for professionals. To enable
     you to get acquainted with the software we are offering a webinar on Tuesday, October 23rd at 15:00 CET (14:00 BST). You will find a summary of the Webinar content on our
    Website. Please register here for your participation.

    You will find all information about the software including an ordering option directly in our webshop.

    10.08.2017 - Optical Design Toolbox



    Optical design Tools - Software CD

    For over 20 years Qioptiq has provided its customers with the user-friendly and effective simulation software WinLens™  for optical imaging systems. This convenient software for simulation and analysis of optical systems has an intuitive interface and produces informative charts and tables for quick reference. The basic freeware version containing WinLens™ Basic, Lens Library, and PreDesigner is on the new “Optical Design Toolbox “ CD that is now available for free.

    The CD also contains the LINOS MachVis software that is designed to help you find the right lens for your machine vision application. With 4 simple parameters MachVis calculates the remaining optical parameters and then, from the extensive LINOS lens catalogue, selects all suitable lenses that meet the specifications.

    To receive your personal copy of the “Optical Design Toolbox” CD free of charge just send us an E-mail.

    09.08.2017 - New iFlex Laser Brochure



    New iFLEX® Laser Broschüre  – Now available

    Qioptiq designs and manufactures high-performance solid-state laser systems and fiber optics for a range of scientific and industrial applications. The iFLEX® family of laser technology includes the high performance iFLEX-iRIS® laser series and the ultra-stable, multi-wavelength laser engine series iFLEX-Gemini® and iFLEX-Viper®.

    Combine iFLEX lasers with the kineFLEX® single-mode fiber optics manufactured by Qioptiq, to create the world’s most stable fiber coupled lasers. With over 25 years of experience in delivering marketleading technology, Qioptiq continues to support customers with demanding applications in semicon, biotech, analytical and industry, through new innovations in the iFLEX laser technology.


    • Exceptional power stability
    • Unmatched beam pointing stability
    • Ultra-low noise performance
    • Excellent beam quality
    • Fully integrated electronics
    • Compact size for easy integration
    • End user and OEM systems
    • Integrated beam shaping
    • “Plug & Play” fiber delivery
    • “Set & Forget” alignment


    • Microscopy
    • Flow Cytometry
    • DNA Sequencing
    • Metrology
    • Inspection
    • Ophthalmology
    • Molecular Imaging
    • Dynamic Light Scattering
    • Spectroscopy
    • Environmental Monitoring

    Download new iFLEX® Laser Brochure here.

    13.12.2016 - Microbench History


    The Microbench – from the original idea to the revolutionary precision system

    In the context of Qioptiq’s award for the best Q-Set, an interview was conducted with Dr. Aurin about the history of the Microbench he developped.

    Dr. Aurin, what prompted you to work on an optical measuring system?
    Dr. Aurin: As part of my diploma thesis at Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, I started the first trial for a new instrument that could accurately measure to the nearest 0.1 micrometer back in the autumn of 1961.

    Was there anything like this available on the market at the time?
    Dr. Aurin: What was already on the market at the time was the so-called “perflectometer” from Leitz in Wetzlar – a length measuring instrument that could accurately measure to the nearest 0.1 micrometer for the purpose, for example, of measuring end dimensions.

    What did you want to improve in terms of measuring technology?
    Dr. Aurin: My idea was to design an instrument with a modified beam path which would be less sensitive to minor displacements than the Leitz perflectometer.

    Did you then head to the laboratory to get started?
    Dr. Aurin: (laughs) My initial studies were carried out on the kitchen table at home. In the final phase of my studies, my grant had run out so my wife had to work. I looked after our little daughter, and on the wax tablecloth of our kitchen, I drew up my first sketches and drafts for a micro-optical bench.

    Read the full interview

    12.12.2016 - Precision Optical Components (POC)




    Precision Optical Components (POC) from Regen

    Special production and series batches not included in the catalogue range can be found in our lens production at the Regen site. Drawings with the geometries and optical tolerances are required only. We also offer technical advice on applications through precision opticians.
    Our customized solutions may include the following:

    Product production:

    • Individual lenses (Spheres, Aspheres, Freeform surfaces, Cylindrical lenses)
    • Planar optics (Filters, Prisms, Tapered lenses)
    • Mirrors
    • Composite lenses

    Material handling:

    • Complete portfolio of the glass catalogue
    • Infrared materials (non-toxic)
    • Fused silica
    • Sapphire
    • CaF2
    • …and much more.


    • Diameter: 3 to 400 mm
    • Coating for all applications
    • Special cooling for all glass materials
    • Optical cementing
    • Logging all measured values
    • Edge varnishing

    For further information please contact Bernd Ullmann.

    15.11.2016 - New MachVis 5.0 Download



    New: Free Lens Configuration Softare MachVis Version 5.0 available

    Our MachVis software is designed to help you find the right lens for your machine vision application.
    Using 4 simple parameters — object size, working distance, sensor size and camera mount — MachVis calculates the necessary optical parameters and then, from the extensive LINOS lens catalog, pre-selects all suitable lenses that meet the specifications.

    Version 5.0
    • New lenses: Rodagon 28 and Rodagon 35
    • New: Optem FUSION Micro Inspection Lens System - over 200 different objective & camera tube combinations
    • Custom Optem setup dialog to set specifications for a specific Optem FUSION System
    • Custom Optem configurator to choose key components, illumination & control sub systems and more
    • New: dialog to limiting the number of mag.x/Optem solutions displayed
    • New mag.x lens: 8x objective. NA 0.32 with diffraction limited performance over all field [106mm x 55mm (L x Ø)] and 24mm working distance.
    • New mag.x lens: 1.73x camera tube.  With the new objective we go from four to nibe possible mag.x systems
    • Additions to mag.x accessories, including 2 new compact base units supporting polarisation filters, optional DIC module, X95 Carrier and a mount for the Direct adapter base unit - now available in base unit. Modified lighting options.  Finger Lakes camera adapter for the 2.25x tube lens.
    • Obsolete mag.x accessories - large base units - removed from configurator
    • Refreshed mag.x setup and configurator dialogs
    • Full metal mounts for some standard lenses
    • Azimuth marked mounts for some standard lenses - best azimuth for line scan systems

    MachVis Software


    28.09.2016 - New Brochure X 95 Profile System

    New Broschure X 95 Profile System - Available Now

    The X 95 Profile System includes both profiles and carriers, and is a versatile construction system for optics and precision mechanics. It is particularly well suited as an optical bench, or for table and framework structures.
    Hollow extrusions with cruciform arrangement of longitudinal ribs

    • For assembling tables or framework structures and large scale optical benches
    • Allows assembling of three-dimensional structures
    • Smooth-gliding carriers equipped with spring-loaded clamps
    • Fabricated from anodized aluminum

    Special features:
    Modularity allows construction of a multitude of tailored designs. Components can easily be combined with other components from our Q-shop portfolio.

    Ideal areas of application:
    Extremely stable system for research, production, and education.

    Your benefit

    • Lightweight, modular and robust construction system
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Short lead times guaranteed
    • Compatible to other LINOS systems

    Download X 95 Profile System Brochure here.

    X 95 Profile System